China Film International Fund Officially Established In Shanghai


In the afternoon of June 14th, China Film International·Fund was officially announced at the final part of the “China Film Strategy Conference 2015”. China Film International · Fund was co-initiated by China Film Equipment Co. Ltd, Guizhou Radio Film&TV Media Group, and Hong Kong famous director Stanley Tong, Zhang Hongsen, Director of the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, Zhang Peimin, President of China Film Foundation, La Peikang, Chairman of China Film Co., Ltd, Bei Zhaojian, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and TV, and international famous actor Jackie Chan witnessed this historical moment.

It is a special fund, China Film Co., Ltd has the chain resources of Chinese film industry, Guizhou Radio Film&TV Media Group moved into the capital market and obtained profitable gains. They initiated the fund together with Stanley. The fund will focus on establishing a high quality system for Chinese new films, integrating a series of international resources, grafting high-quality companies at domestic and overseas.

China Film International·Fund’s management company was registered in Shanghai. According to the national strategy “The Belt and Road Initiatives”, Shanghai will become the international financial center in the future. Therefore, Mr. Bei stated, "Shanghai will provide more diverse and international capital docking with the industry. In the last year, Shanghai Municipal Government departments including, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Finance, and State Administration of Taxation, they launched ‘New Policies Promoting The Development of Shanghai Film Industry’ that will provide more incubation service mechanism for the development of Chinese film.”

Stanley stated “with our team’s experiences and judgments for the film industry as well as our international cooperation resources, we will not only create value for the fund, but also precipitate more high-quality intellectual property for the Chinese film market. To produce high quality Chinese blockbusters, and create more professional business model.” Jackie Chan showed his great confidence and support to Stanley and China Film Co., Ltd.

IDG global vice President, Mrs. Xiong Xiaoge and other important investors such as FOSUN attended the event, with their interest in this unique and resourceful fund. Omnijoi Media Corporation Co., Ltd who is the leading media group in China, also as a film production, distribution, and cinema chain company, came to express their strong interest to join this fund.

In 2015, the China film market achieved more than ten billion RMB of box office only after three months screening and the market share of domestic Chinese film is increasing. Major production and distribution companies from United States, Japan, and France all came to the 18thShanghai International Film Festival, as they want to share the profits from the explosive growth of the Chinese film industry. There is a trend that capital starts flowing into film industry, which gives people great imagination. However, the contradiction between capital and film industry is the evaluation system. People will focus on this unique fund, which has both capital and resources, how they will establish the high-standard evaluation system.